Sunday, March 19, 2006


Looks like my blog is getting hit by spammers - those two comments on March 15th that had nothing to do with my blog. I'm going to start monitoring the comments so your comments may not show up right away. I'm probably going to have a bit of a learning curve to get this tweaked right so please bear with me. Thanks

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Kirstin said...

The anti-Palestinian spammer followed you from my blog. Sorry about that. (He googled "Rachel Corrie" and didn't just spam people who posted about her, but those who commented favorably on those posts as well.)

You've got this set up right, as far as I can see. Check the box (somewhere on the "Settings" page/s) that will allow comments to be e-mailed to you. Then, if you get spam, come back in and delete it.

Hope this helps! (I'm clearly not reading Luther right now...)