Thursday, March 30, 2006

Climbing out of the valley of fatigue

Had a good day today. Teresa and I walked 20 minutes down to the Shattuck theater and watched Transamerica – indeed a great movie. Then we walked back home, an uphill walk and I did fine. Pretty exciting stuff as I know I could not have done that two days ago. I’ve learned from this is I can recover well when I listen to my body, rest and do exercise to tolerance. Saturday I pushed myself going to the James Finley workshop so needed lots of rest Sunday and Monday, which I got. I am so grateful for this day and the strength that is returning.

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Alice Farquhar-Mayes said...

Hi Debbie, Alice F-M here. Haven't had a chance to check in for awhile. Glad to hear that your chemo is allowing you to keep going despite the tiredness, and that you are taking care of yourself. Yes, your comments on Aquinas definitely make you a theo-nerd! Seminary tends to do that to you.... don't worry - parish life will get you over it prety quickly! (just kidding). Glad you are having some nice weather, too. Spring seems late this year in Boise, but maybe it's just me.
Tom coming along, but very slowly. He needs lots of naps, too - he's like a toddler: once he's tired, it's all over - no reserves. You do learn to adjust and change game plans quickly, don't you?
We are ready for Easter, as I know you must be.
God's peace, Alice