Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Blessed Day

Tilden Park

I am so blessed. Even in my infirmity I am blessed. Had beautiful walk in Tilden Park. Everyone I met on the trail was smiling. The sky was smiling, the clouds, the trees. Nature rejoicing in the glory of her Creator.

I’m listening to the music CD for the Book of Uncommon Prayer. It’s an incredible CD. Gotta read the book.

Good appointments with my docs yesterday. Kidney function is good. Cell counts did not drop but improved after this first treatment. I’m ready for the next round.

Aye, I am blessed.


Kirstin said...


I see that my Zionist spammer visited you too. Sorry about that--but I'm meeting all kinds of interesting progressives because of him.

Some people have waaaay too much time.


Anonymous said...

Howdy, Sis!

Wow! you've put lots on your Blogsite the past few days. Which seems good, as it indicates that you're not spending a great amount of time just sitting in the doc's office awaiting appointments. Plus that you ahve the energy to do this plus other daily life activities.

I just read the anti-Palestinian spammer's comments. The spammer is probably correct about Rachel Corrie - sad case! And I'd agree also that terrorist Palestinians DO get it wrong. However, not ALL Palestinians support terrorism or acts of violence, and the Israelis are certainly not innocent of violent acts themselves.

The whole situation over there makes me so sad. Israeli/Jew v. Palestinian in the Holy Land. Shiite v. Sunni and both v. Christian in Iraq. I pray daily for peace in the Mideast and an end to terrorist acts. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I even pray for the repentance and conversion of Bin Laden, Hussein, the Hamas leaders. Yes conversion to the Christian faith would be a terrific miracle of God's own doing, but I'm thinking simply of conversion from their evil, murderous hatred of their fellow humans.

You DO know, don't you, that a lot of Palestinians actually are not Muslims but Christians? I've read that when the state of Israel was erected in 1948 up to 1 in 4 Palestinians were of the Christian faith, NOT the Muslim. The percentage has dwindled drastically up to today, as Christian Palestinians have had to flee the double hatred (and violence) of Israelis and of Muslim Palestinians.

Pray for the SHALOM - peace, welfare, wholeness - of Jerusalem. And Pray for peace and tolerance for Palestinian and Iraqi Christians, and indeed for people of any faith or no faith. Let each religion stand on its own merits and not on terrorist attacks against those of differing beliefs!

Your brother in San Antonio