Monday, July 21, 2008

Must see video from Canterbury

With the Lambeth Circus, errr, Conference now in full tilt, there is like, way too much to read or take in. Yet there are some gems already emerging. One came forth yesterday (Sunday) in a park in Canterbury where the Rev. Susan Russell, president of Integrity, preached a mighty sermon and made me proud to be an Episcopalian and a member of Integrity. *Do* view this 10 minute video of her sermon. Scroll down to "Susan Russell preaches at Changing Attitude/Integrity service"You can read the text here, but a sermon is never written to be read, but preached. I encourage you to see and hear her preach this puppy. She will stir you hearts and raise your spirits.

On Sunday Teresa and I where also in park, though halfway around the world from the one Rev. Susan preached in. The weather was similar, being in San Francisco at the AIDS Walk in Golden Gate park. We walked with a delightful group of Episcopalians, having celebrated Eucharist together

right there in the middle of the assembly area for the myriad of teams. A most appropriate place for celebrating Eucharist.

Here the Rev. Mary Louise Hintz is leading us in prayer.

Teresa became a honorary Episcopalian for a day.
For me, the most moving part of the walk were to two displays of part of the AIDS Quilt. When I saw the display that was on the walk route, I immediately know what it was and Teresa and I went to walk and pray in that sacred space.

Sacred Space


Some of the panels are most poignant. All are a testament to love that dwells in our souls, the image of God within us.

In particular I searched for the panel of a friend, Fr Bill Steuber. His was a Roman Catholic priest who served in the Diocese of Boise and died of AIDS, 19 days before Teresa and I had our wedding ceremony. A few days before the AIDS walk I had looked up his name at The Names Project website and found the section his panel was in. So I knew what it looked like. It was not on display Sunday.

There are 5,748 sections, over 46,000 panels to the Quilt. In 1996 the Quit covered the entire National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Every section that is displayed though is in memory of all who have died of this awful disease.

Sunday was a powerful day all around the world. What a blessings to be alive this day.

More photos of the AIDS Walk may be found here.


Jim said...

I was a classmate, friend and minister with Bill Steuber in Boise. I am glad he has a place in the quilt.

Jim Sheehan

Jim said...

I was a friend, classmate and minister with Bill Steuber in Boise. I am glad he has a place in the quilt.

Jim Sheehan

Debbie of Boise said...

I am touched by your comment. Fr. Bill is a special man. I still feel the hug of sorrow that he is no longer with us in physical form. Truly though, he is with us in spirit. I do not think it is an accident that you some how found my not so active blog that mentioned Bill. How are you doing? The spammers have my email so I will post it here: debbie at listendeeply dot org if you wish to email me.