Wednesday, May 07, 2008

DCOM approves ordination to diaconate

I have moved towards the more steps in my journey to ordination. Last month St. Michael's vestry approved my ordination to the diaconate. Also last month, on April 26, the diocesan Commission on Ministry approved my ordination to the diaconate. There are now three steps left in this part of my spiritual journey: (1) approval by the standing committee, (2) background check is okay, and (3) Bishop Harry's final decision. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I am so excited.

I sent out an e-mail earlier this week to some of my friends about the DCOM approval. I just want to clarify the ordination isn't a sure thing, yet we are getting really really close and indeed congratulations are in order at this point. The real party will begin, God willing and the people consenting, after my bishop places his hands of my head to ordain me.

I will update my blog today I hear of any more developments. The episcopal ordination process as many steps and at times can indeed be confusing. OK where are we at in this process? What are the next steps? Pero parte de parte, step by step, we move forward.

I want to thank and will continue to thank all of you who have supported me so much in this process. Your support will bear fruit in the building up of God's Reign, the realization of God's dream for humankind and all creation.

I will be in Boise June 2 through the 7. Teresa is not able to come. :-( Hope to see some of you at least, while I am there. God's blessing on you all.

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