Saturday, June 02, 2007

Good-bye Berkeley. Hello Boise.

My blog has been pretty slow for awhile. Been writing my brains out doing papers. I know I wrote over forty pages the last three weeks of school. One of those papers was a twenty-one pager I wrote for the toughest professor in the seminary, Marian Grau. Found out yesterday I got an A. Wow, that was truly with God’s help. In the midst of all this writing I got writer’s block so it took longer to write than I planned. But I kept pray’n and write’n. I got them all done on time, thanks be to God Now on to the next fun thing.

To my Boise area friends, I apologize for not getting this news out earlier. I will be in Boise for the Summer! But not Teresa. She is staying in Berkeley. She has a job with CDSP, working in the business office. So we will be apart from June 3rd to August 25th.

I will be doing a summer internship at St. Luke’s RMC in Clinical Pastoral Education. I hear CPE is pretty intense and exhausting. I hope my previous experience as a nurse will ease some of the exhaustion for me. I do look forward to being back in a clinical setting and working with patients on a different level than patient care nursing. I look forward to working on my active listening skills and practicing being fully present to each person in the moment.

I also look forward to being back at St. Michael’s. I am so glad I am going to a loving supportive place with a number of friends. I will be going from one loving parish to another. I’ve been doing field educationAll Souls Play Yard at All Souls parish in Berkeley and have bonded with the good people there. All Souls is a very dynamic, welcoming parish, about a third the size of St. Michael’s but with the same alive energy. Lots of families of all types. Pretty diverse. Us gay folk are just part of the parish family. The parish has a way cool play yard, which is a concrete example of its commitment to children.There are folks there I will miss yet …

There are people I have missed at St. Michael’s and elsewhere in the Treasure Valley and I am glad I will be will you all for a time. This really gives me a sense that Teresa and I are sojourners now, wanders in God’s creation with no permanent home. Concrete practice in impermanence. Concrete practice in opening to God’s gift in the moment wherever we are. Concrete practice in being Christ’s body in the world .wherever we are.

So tomorrow it will be good-bye Berkeley, hello Boise. Good-bye


and Misty.

Hello friends. I will be staying with Ken and Wendy Eklund. My email address and phone number will be the same so you all know where to reach me.


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