Saturday, January 06, 2007


Today I received a letter from Bishop Harry, my bishop, that he has made me a postulant. Postulancy is a significant step in the ordination process. It's like going from just dating to going steady. The next major step is candidacy. That's like getting engaged. After candidacy comes ordination as a deacon. After six months, one may be ordained to the priesthood. As you can see there are still more steps to go but this one is a biggie. It puts me firmly in the ordination track. Still no guarantees until the Bishop's hands are on my head but the path ahead is clearer now.

Bishop Harry will be in Berkeley next week for a meeting of the bishops in Providence VIII, which is basically the Intermountain West and the Pacific Coast. He would like to meet with me so I am hopeful that that will happen. I do look forward to seeing him.

In the meantime Berkeley is showing its truly berserkly side. Just up the street is a tree still in its autumn colors. On the Cal Berkeley campus magnolia trees are blooming. Fall and spring at the same time! I hope tomorrow to post some wonderful photos of this berserkly event.


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Anonymous said...

This wonderful news makes me happy for you and happy for the church. You go girl! ;)
With love,

Kirstin said...

Wow, that's fabulous! Congratulations!

Emily said...

Hey! You go girl! I always knew you were a sure thing so I'm not surprised but I am very happy for you! Idaho will be a happy state!